12 Clever Ways to Open Settings App in Windows 11 – Save Time

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The Settings App has a new role and interface in Windows 11.

Customize Personalization, Gaming, Security, Network, Display, Sound, System, Bluetooth devices, Background, etc with ease.

Central location to update and configure Windows 11, instead of the Control Panel.

Microsoft is in line to remove the Control Panel tool.

Whether you like it or not, Settings is the new “Czar in town” .

If you have used Windows 10 before, you will know some of the methods to open the Settings app.

It has many uses. You can repair, reset or uninstall any app using the individual settings of this app.

Making changes to Windows 11 appearance, desktop, background, lock-screen is possible using the Personalization setting.


What is the Settings App?

It was started with Windows 8 and 10 years back.

The main obligation was to end the Control Panel and replace it with Settings. As we know Apps were the key with Windows 8.1, 10 and 11. So Settings also became an app.

Previously you had to go through different pop-up windows in the Control panel to reach an audio setting or network troubleshooter. But the new Settings app has divided all the different options into various categories.

It was intended to be the central location to customize, configure and update Windows.

The 11 version has the same Settings app with a different interface from Windows 10 and 8.1. So you should get familiarized with it before you make any inhibitions.

There are several routes to open the settings app in Windows 11. Some are new and most of them old. Let’s see the easy, new and trendy 12 methods to launch Windows 11 settings.

How to Open Windows 11 Settings App with Keyboard Shortcut

Source: windows11tech.com

Press the Win + I keys together to open the Settings app. This trick worked in Windows 10 and works now also. Easy and fastest way. You can see all the options on the left-hand side.

How to Open Windows 11 Settings App using Start Menu

Source: windows11tech.com

Naïve user! Still using the Start Menu like in Windows 7. Then you are not out of luck. Click the Windows Icon with the mouse. In the new styled Start Menu you can see Settings at the top right hand corner. Just below the “All apps”.

How to Use Command Prompt or PowerShell to Open Windows 11 Settings App

If you are a techie interested in opening the Settings app using Command Prompt or Powershell, you can follow this method. Open Command Prompt or Powershell using the Search icon. Type the following command.

start ms-settings:

 and press Enter. It should open the Windows 11 Settings.

How to Use WinX menu to open Settings app

It is a cute menu replacing the Start Menu and to open shortcuts quickly. Press Win + X and click on Settings.

How to Use the Search Icon to launch Settings App

The search icon is in the shape of a magnifying glass on the Taskbar. Click that icon and type settings. If you have already opened the Settings app before, it should be available in the Top apps.

How to Speak to Cortana to open Windows 11 Settings App

Cortana is not pinned to the Taskbar as in Windows 10. Using the Search icon to open Cortana app and then sign-in using your Microsoft Work or School account. Use the Voice commands,

“Open Settings” or “Launch Settings”

to open in Windows 11.

As tested by me in the latest build, the above commands were not working as Cortana was searching Bing.

How to open Settings App in Windows 11 using Run Dialog box

Press the Win + R keys together to open the Run command box. Then enter the command “ms-settings:” and press OK. Don’t forget the colon after the command. You can also add additional commands to open system apps and settings.

How to use File Explorer to open Settings App in Windows 11

open settings app in windows 11

You may think that File Explorer is the not expected place to open Settings. But if you fail to open it using other methods, then you can use this. Open File Explorer from Taskbar and click on This PC. In the Search Results in this PC box, enter the command ms-settings:

It is different from Windows 10.

How to launch Settings App using Task Manager

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on Task Manager to open it. If you are in compact view, press more details to see full view. On the top left File > Run New Task. It will open the Create new task dialog box just like the Run window. Enter ms-settings: and click on OK.

How to Use Desktop Contextual Menu to Start Settings App

It is also one of the easiest and fastest methods to open Settings in Windows 11. Right-click anywhere on desktop and click on any one of the two options. 1. Display Settings 2. Personalize. From there you can navigate to the required setting.

How to Use Taskbar to Open Settings App

Another fun and best way is to use the Taskbar to open Settings. Right click the Taskbar and click on Taskbar Settings. It will open in Personalization setting. Using the Settings search box you can search for System settings, Driver, Network settings etc.

How to Use System Tray in Windows 11 to Open Settings

Another direct method to open different sound, network, security and system settings is the System Tray. Right-click the date and time at the bottom right hand corner. Click on any of the two settings. 1. Adjust date and time 2. Notification settings.

Any of them will open the corresponding settings in the Windows 11 Settings app.

Right-click the speaker icon and click on Sound Settings. It will open the System setting in Windows 11.

Click the current keyboard and language icon and click on More keyboard settings. It will open the Time and Language setting in the Settings app in Windows 11.

Right-click Network icon and click on Network and Internet settings. It will open the required setting in Windows 11 Settings app.


As you can see the common methods to invoke Windows 11 Settings are easy and simple. Out of all the methods, I prefer the shortcut keys method to open the Settings app.

It is simple if you are using a keyboard on PC or laptop. You can always try the voice command using Cortana if you are relying more on voice assistants.

The ms-settings: command is also commonly used by technical people. Taskbar also gives the fastest method to access the systems app in Windows 11.

All depends on the common practices of using the technology of PC. Home users may use the traditional Start Menu if you are a still lover of old Windows.

Let me know which method you like and use to open Windows 11 settings.

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