Windows 11 Tech is started to cater to the needs of the Microsoft community.

Computer and Laptops are still in use for office and home purpose.

With each update, comes new problems.

Alongwith it new hardware and software make Windows 11 more challenging.

Just like any earlier desktop OS, it also needs drivers, graphic cards, network issues, BIOS problems, Activation errors, Personalization, HDMI and many others.

palla sridhar author and blogger of windows 11
Palla Sridhar, Writer & Blogger

To grasp the functionality of Windows 11, you first need to know how to utilize the settings.

On a long run, we are planning to write more content related to Windows 11 stuff.

But as a small network and SMB, we are starting with issues related to common settings in Windows 11.

These include system, device, phone, apps, accounts, gaming, search , privacy and updates.

Though Windows 10 users may find it using the Settings app, earlier OS users need to still come to terms with the new options.

So in brief, we are going to start with all the how-to informational articles about best utilization of your PC with the available Windows 11 settings.

Who are we?

We are a Consultant group situated in Visakhapatnam, AP, INDIA.

I myself (Palla Sridhar) have 12 years of experience in blogging and its related activities.

I could do WordPress designing, SEO research and write good brief, knitty articles about Windows 11.

I authored several tech and health blogs in 10 years. They were all successful and met with good appease.

windows 11 settings
My workplace and needy things.

I try to answer all the comments and various concerns of the Windows 11 user community. Both home and office users.

So, anything you don’t understand about the article or want some more info, you could comment in the section below.

You can always contact us at We are also looking for good guest post writers (writing copyscape free content) for this blog. Anybody could contact us at

We as an experienced network community do our best to answer your needs.